My thoughts on this week’s readings about dystopian futures is that as human’s we must take care in the things that we do, say, and create. Based on in-class discussion, there are many possible things that could occur that could cause humanity to change drastically. Such an example was that of a self driving car, and if there were another human, or a group of humans, in the road, what would the car do. Would the car proceed through the human to protect the one inside the vehicle, or drive into a wall sacrificing the person inside the vehicle to save the human(s) in the road? This is a question of morality, and seemed to stir the class a little in terms of if they would want to get inside a vehicle that is autonomous. Given what we have read, viewed, and discussed, I do indeed feel different about my engagement in digital spaces. I already knew the saying, “watch what you say, where you say it, and who you say it to,” yet this has added a step further in terms of attempting to understand whether we should continue to develop certain technologies, especially those which are A.I’s.

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