Dystopian Visions

Perhaps one of the most disturbing dystopian vision I see for humanity is the inability to feel as though we are safe. For instance, right now as I type this I am in my room, and I feel secure. If through my computer’s video camera I was being watched, it would be unnerving due to the fact that it would mean that someone was always watching, that no matter where I went, there would be nowhere I felt safe to gather my thoughts, to write down ideas, without thinking that someone else could potentially steal them. Other situations include the DRM (digital rights management) where if one were to buy or rent something online, only that person has access to what has been bought. As an example, lets say that the person has bought a movie, and that movie is only view-able should the person, be connected to the internet, and use the same device that the movie has been purchased on. This does not allow for viewers to sell the movie if they did not like it, in order to have funds to buy another movie, or to simply give it to a friend so that they may watch it. This applies to anything that is digitally bought, movies, games, books; all of these things would suddenly not be allowed to be shared, and to some degree, they are not. Movies for instance are only allowed to be viewed on a person’s device that has an account to someone who has purchased said movie. Books are the same way. Video games are another story, and in this case, there was even a huge debate about Microsoft’sĀ current generation game console, the Xbox One. To make a long story short, the console was going to be required to always be connected to the internet to play games, otherwise it was going to be an expensive paperweight.

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