Location Project

My project will be about how there are positives and downfalls to the ability that people now have to track others digital locations through wifi and smartphone location services. I have talked to a friend who has an app that allows her parents to track movements through her smartphone. Either by asking her to check in through the app, or that she press the button on her own accord, a ping is sent that gives a notification to her parents about her exact location. There are other features, such as if she were to be kidnapped, all she has to do is press a button, hide her phone from sight for 10 seconds, and a distress signal is sent out. There is another app for smartphones called Rave Guardian, which allows one to set a timer for how long it should take one to get to their destination, and if in that time, the user does not reach the target destination, then the phone sends out a distress signal to select people, which can include, but not limited to 911, friends, and family.

Possible downsides to this is that almost nothing is un-hackable, therefore, making it possible that people get others personal information. Stalking is another thing that is possible.

As of now, I have yet to find any peer-reviewed sources, most likely due to not using the search properly.

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