Questions for Midterm

After reading most of the questions from the list, I wonder as to how what the possible answer could be to a few. Some seem as though they are opinion questions, leading to no proper answer/ a wrong answer, as long as one can technically show what one’s thinking is. Coming up with original questions at this point seems near impossible, yet there have been additions since Friday night, being at 116 questions. On one hand, it seems incredibly challenging to attempt to study for the midterm because there are an astounding number of questions already, and if only a few are to be┬áchosen for the midterm, then how can a student study effectively? One could attempt to answer all the questions in terms of studying, yet as of right now (Sunday night) there are 155 questions, and to answer all of these would take a decent amount of time. Not to say that one should not attempt to answer these questions; however, due to some being opinion questions, as I had previously stated, there are multiple varying answers to those questions, and they would all be correct.

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