Three questions

How do you present yourselves differently to different people (offline)? Admissions counselor/guidance counselor, teacher, a grandparent, a cousin, your parents, new roommate, job interview.

From what I have observed, I present myself the same with new people, modestly formal and overtime, regardless of who they are, and as I get to know them that drops to casual conversation.

What should your boss know about your personal life (offline)?

I believe that one’s boss should only know the pertinent aspects of their subordinate’s life. Such examples would be knowing smoking or non smoker, non, social, or heavy drinker, if the subordinate is married or not, etc. Other examples would be birthdays, children’s names, and partner’s name.

Which social media accounts would you share with a prospective employer? Why?

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and in otherwise, all of them. This is because I have not used my Facebook in a long time, ergo there is nothing that could threaten my employment opportunity. I believe Twitter is not an issue because my tweets are harmless and my re-tweets are usually jokes from others. Instagram is where I will sometimes post an occasional picture of a view or meme that I like or find funny.

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