Twitter Feeds With Gender Implications

Prior to having watched the Ted talk by  Johanna Blakely, I had not given much thought to how advertisements target certain ranges of people. After watching, I realized that statisticians would sift through data to find what gender and what age range the majority of people on social media are. I was not shocked to have learned that women spend more time on social media than men; rather, I was shocked at how there seemed a prediction that down the line, it is said to be the eventual “death of the chick flick.”  With Twee-Q, a site that shows a specific twitter user’s interaction with others and retweets, I saw that in order to have a “perfect” 10, a user would have to actually try to retweet certain people’s tweets. My personal twitter had a Twee-Q of 6.6 with the statistics of retweeting  60% male and 40% female. Another user, one of my friends, had an 8.4 retweeting 45% male and 55% female. As far as I can tell, almost always do people retweet messages from their gender. With the additional fact that women are social media dominant, there are more female related tweets. However, now thinking over the “death of the chick flick” there is a show on the CW, Supernatural, which is about to start it’s 11th season in October, making it among the longest running shows, such as Smallville and Grey’s Anatomy. Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy viewership is mostly female (Smallville’s is unknown). These shows portray male leads, which could indicate that as more male leads are shown, more females will watch.

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